Grace and Jack's American Dream Wedding

Okay, I should warn you; this post is really, really long. I did try my very best to cut down the number of photos I shared, but this being one of the most seriously beautiful weddings I've ever been to, that just wasn't possible! So grab yourself a cuppa and and take ten minutes (or more!) to enjoy this most gorgeous of days.

It was in Jeonju, South Korea that I first met Jack, a fellow photographer, and then a few months later his lovely new girlfriend, Grace. They spent the next five years travelling the world together teaching English, after which time Grace returned to Michigan, Jack to London.

Before they left Korea, a taxi driver had predicted their marriage within the next five or six years, and perhaps Jack had this in mind when Grace visited him in London and he popped the question in the back of a black cab. 

When Jack got in touch last year to ask if I would like to photograph their wedding, my first reaction was a resounding 'YES!', followed quickly by a wee bit of an 'EEK'!  Jack being a wedding photographer himself, it was a great compliment, but I also knew the pressure would be on! I needn't have worried, however, as Grace and Jack were a pleasure to work with. They put all their trust in me, and I think the results show in the photographs.

To be fair, my job is made a lot easier by a wedding like this. It took place on a warm August day on Grace's family property near Manchester, Michigan. The ceremony was held in a natural clearing in the woods, and the reception under fairy lights in Grace's mum's front yard. The celebrations continued into the wee hours around a bonfire on the hill behind the house - mosquitoes be damned! 

The DIY element was strong with this one, with friends and family all lending a hand with the prep and decorating. Instead of a formal meal, we were treated to delicious wood-fired pizza, and the tasty cakes and desserts were all homemade, as were the amazing beer station and bar, which served a selection of locally brewed ales and a refreshing gin and tonic with rosemary.

When describing what they wanted their wedding to be, the words they used were relaxed, fresh and fun, and I think they succeeded. It really was perfect.

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