Alternative Wedding Photography - Best of 2017

2017 was a pretty special year, both professionally and personally. I started the year with a huge change; moving back to Ireland. After living in London for eight years, I was sad to say goodbye to the people and places I love, but excited to start a new adventure in Ireland. I'm now working between the two countries (and hopefully some more this year!) as an international wedding photographer, which means I get to travel back a lot, and so I now have the best of both worlds! 

In April, I attended Snap Photography Festival at Fforest in Wales, where I hung out in the woods for four days with a bunch of like-minded creative wedding photographers. There were workshops and talks from some of the best in the business, live shoots, campfires, board games, karaoke and one awesome party. It was challenging at times (not to mention freezing!) but so totally worth it. If you’re a wedding photographer looking for some inspiration, education and fun, I highly recommend checking it out.

2017 was my busiest year yet; I got to travel a lot while photographing weddings all over Ireland and the UK.  My work was published in several high-profile photography and wedding blogs, as well as in Brides Magazine. It's a pretty exciting thing to see your work in print! I learned new skills, pushed myself creatively and got to meet some awesome people along the way. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all my fantastic brides and grooms; it's been an absolute blast working with you all. 

Oh yeah, and I also got MARRIED!!! 

Which was a bit mad, and pretty wonderful. We had our September wedding at Drumhalla House in Donegal, which was the perfect wedding venue for us. We had a big Irish wedding with almost 200 people, and a whole lot of craic! :) 

Our summer was pretty hectic because of this. In between all the work and travel, there was a lot of wedding planning to be done as well. Working as a wedding photographer gave me some insights into the planning process, but I still wasn’t quite prepared for just how much time and effort it takes. My now-husband and I had great fun choosing our wedding music, readings, and decor etc, but we both agree that if we could have done one thing differently, it would have been to hire a wedding planner. Seriously, if I could give brides and grooms-to-be one piece of advice, that would be it.*

After the wedding we went off to Greece for ten much-needed days of rest and relaxation on what I'm now calling our mini-moon (honeymoon proper to follow at some point in the future - I'm thinking Norway or Argentina!).

Now for a slideshow of some of my favourite images of 2017. Grab a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate, or a glass of wine/beer/whiskey and put your feet up for three-ish minutes. Don't forget to make it nice and big, and turn up the music (courtesy of my aforementioned husband Ciarán AKA Drembot).

*And to hire an awesome wedding photographer of course! I'm now taking bookings for 2018 and 2019 so if you're just engaged or starting to plan your own wedding, get in touch to secure your date! 

PS - If you're not into the whole slideshow thing, you can also have a wee look at the photos here!