Me and my lovely husband on our wedding day (number one of two!).

Me and my lovely husband on our wedding day (number one of two!).





Hello! I'm Mairéad (rhymes with parade), but I also answer to Marmalade, Lemonade or Mermaid, depending on who's calling. There are some who call me Morag, but I try not to encourage them.

I love dogs, dancing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and David Bowie. I LOVE my movies and music, and am a bit of a massive geek to be honest.

I've had the traveI bug for most of my life; I've been to over 30 countries and counting. There's a very particular joy in getting a new stamp in your messy passport. If you're having a destination wedding I'm definitely your woman.

I spent eight years in London before moving back to Ireland where I'm now based. Before that I spent three years in South Korea, which is where I got my first proper camera.

I can be pretty shy at times, but I found that photography allowed me to be brave. It helped me to connect, however briefly, with people I might otherwise never have spoken to. It's helped me to see the world in a brand new way, to notice the little things.

I love looking at old photographs and wondering what the people in them were thinking; I'm intrigued by the context behind the moment. In the same way, when I'm photographing a bride or groom on their wedding day, I try to capture every individual in a way that's true to them, and to create a beautiful moment. When I’m creating these pictures, I think about the people who will look at them in generations to come, and wonder what they might think.

Life is short and absurd, beautiful and weird. It’s all about the shared experiences, the moments. I want to live as much and capture as much as I can.






You’re madly in love and you want the whole world to know about it. You want your wedding to be personal and unique to you, to really reflect who you are as a couple. You want it to be beautiful. The details are important to you, but you don’t want to get bogged down in them. You want to have fun. You don’t mind being a bit silly, getting your dress a bit dirty. You don’t want to spend ages posing for stiff family formals, when you could be joining in the fun with your people. You want your wedding to be the best party you’ve ever had, with all your favourite people in the world together for one awesome day.

And as everyone will tell you, this day will go by so fast...

And that's where the photographs come in. Photography is a big priority for you. You want to have beautiful images of the day to look back on in years to come, to frame and hang on your wall, and to show to your children and grandchildren, to show them how hot you were! Most of all you want to look at these photos and remember how you felt that day, in that moment. It's so easy to forget, but photographs have a knack of bringing everything back.

If this sounds like you, then you’re exactly like me, and I think we can make beautiful photography together.